Install CyberSuite CLI

Cybersuite also gives you flexibility to scan code while using CLI that includes single or zip file vulnerability scanning.


      •  Windows 10/11
      • DotNet sdk for windows

Get CLI version:

Initially, you need to contact our team for the CLI version of CyberSuite. we will provide you the zip file for setting up CLI version “”. 

Once you unzip the file, the folder contains 6 files.

Security of CLI version:

Token authentication procedure:

The token is used to authenticate the user, once the user requested for scanning, the request along with the token hits the server and authenticates if the token is valid and then scans the given code.
Go to cybershell portal, please click on the following link:
Login – Cybershell Portal (


Sign in from CyberShell portal for accessing the authentication token. Go to the left upper corner of page and click on setting icon (wheel shape), a drop-down will appear and then go to Cli Token option

Right click > setting button > ‘Cli token’ > Token 

After clicking of ‘Cli Token’ a token will appear on screen (as shown below). You can access the token from here.

Once copy the token:
Go to C: drive > User > <user name> > create folder “.cybersuite”  > create file “token.txt” > Open token.txt file  and  paste the copied token here

Setup Environmental variable:

Go to start> search environmental variable > click on edit the system environmental variables > click environmental variable > click on path >

once the path is added, you can see the added address

Now the path is set up and CLI is ready for code scanning.