Vulnerability Anti-patterns (VAPs) Database

Furthermore, along with a static analyser our innovative machine learning brains provide the solution against user’s vulnerable source code via vulnerability anti-pattern database to provide real-time, accurate insights for your code. That database is open source and contains millions of exploited examples along with its solution. Examples it contains are of multiple languages such as Python, C/C++,  JS/TS, Java, C# etc. Users can easily query from the database using ‘CWE-ID’ or by ‘Language’.  Our database is continuously increasing in terms of languages and number of exploited examples. 

Users can report about vulnerabilities via the ‘REPORT VULNERABILITY’ option. One has to fill up the required information about the personal information, language for the vulnerability, severity of vulnerability, and code example in which the vulnerability is present.

We are also providing an opportunity for free scanning of source code against vulnerability for 7 days of free trial. It would be applicable for all types of languages i.e. C/C++, Java, JavaScript, C#, Python. Once a user clicks for free scanning, one has to sign up first and then the user will have to scan its source code. Link for the VAPS DB is given below.