CyberSuite Online Portal Vulnerability Reporting

Cybershell’s vulnerability report real-time well-structured reports are designed to provide continuous reporting. Our reporting evaluates against given pillars

  1. Security

  2. Reliability 

  3. CWE-IDs details 

The aim of the well-structured feature report is to help users find out in seconds about security of their project/ source code. we have multiple kinds of reporting such as 

  1. Project report 

There will be multiple options for scanned projects, i.e. executive summary, and detailed report. 

In the executive summary, there will be just a summary about the project, number of vulnerabilities in the project and the graphs displaying the vulnerabilities.
In the detailed report, it contains the details about the vulnerability detected. Severity of detected CWE-ID and description of identified vulnerability. 

Vulnerability with high risk will be displayed with red colour, medium with

Yellow and lower with blue. 

  1. Single scan report 

Vulnerable reports  for single scan can be downloaded too from the bottom of the page by clicking “Download Report”. 

First page of the report contains the information about the user, filename, scan-date, report-date for the creation of the report. 

On further pages, the details about the CWE-ID will be reported.